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Exterior of home with ladders leaning against, ready to paint

7 Hacks To Choose
Your Paint Colors

#1 Buy Samples And Apply On Areas To Be Painted

Buying samples of colors that peak your interest is probably the best way to ensure you end up happy with your selection.  Make sure you apply some in different parts of the house.  Areas that get lots of sun and areas that may be more in the shade. Remember that even if you don't like some of the colors you won't see them once the project is completed.

exterior Sherwin Williams color samples on house

Once you start focusing on a painting project, your subconscious will be start being attune to your surroundings.  You will start picking up on the colors of houses you see as you drive around.  Take advantage of this while you are still in the stages of picking out colors.  If you see a house that you like don't hesitate to stop and ask the homeowner the brand and color they used on the house.  You will be surprised how eager people are to help out.  If they don't know the colors let us know and we can use our color scan tool to figure out which Sherwin Williams colors are the closest. 

#2  Drive Around The Neighborhood

collage of of different paint options
collage of different paint options from Sherwin Williams

#3  Use Color Fan Or Paint Chips

The standard method of choosing colors has been color fans and color chips from paint manufacturers.  As tempting as this may sound keep in mind that Sherwin Williams has over 1700 colors to choose from.  Making a choice can be overwhelming and we have had customer spend hours just looking over a color fan.  If this is something you are interested in pursuing we would be happy to drop off a color deck prior to us starting your paint project. In addition to the color deck, you can also swing by any Sherwin Williams store and pick out color chips or even have them mailed to your home.

Sherwin Williams Color Chips

#4  Google "Most Popular Sherwin Williams Paint Colors"

If you are looking for inspiration via your pc or smart phone you can jump on the internet and do a search for paint colors.  Enter whatever variations to the search and you will come across endless results. 


Just keep in mind that you will want to narrow things so that the results are more meaningful to you. Although we use Sherwin Williams as an example, you can search any paint manufacturer like BEHR, Benjamin Moore, PPG, Valspar, etc. 


If you end up with a color from a different manufacturer than Sherwin Williams that's typically not a problem since Sherwin Williams can match most formulas from other companies.

Google Search Popular Colors
Sherwin Williams Top 50 Colors

#5  Hire A Color Consultant

If you like bouncing ideas off of someone that deals with colors for a living then perhaps hiring color consultant might be helpful.  Sherwin Williams has color consultants that are available to assist you for a nominal fee. 


Considering the fact that homes usually get painted every 8 to 10 years this isn't a frequent expense so you might as well spend a little to get right.  Depending on the size of your project we may be able to reimburse you for your expense. 

Sherwin Williams Color Consultant
Color Consultant Advertisement

#6 Check Out Our Past Project Gallery

We have started to download pictures of completed projects with color names to give you a visual perspective.  We take the pictures ourselves and these are real homes so the quality isn't always the best.


Our goal is to improve the quality of the pictures and provide you as much detail as possible. If you click on the pictures you will be taken to our Past Project Gallery page.   

split screen before and after exterior house painting Alamo Heights TX
exterior of house painted by Home Pros Painting and Home Repairs

#7 Get Comfortable Using Visualizers or Color Apps

If you enjoy using technology and are a hands on person then using the color visualizers may be your way of choosing a color--or at least getting it down to a couple.  Now days just about all of the paint manufacturers provide their own version. Most of them allow you to snap a picture of the area being painted and then you can manipulate different colors onto the picture.  You get to see the different colors on your actual house. Remember that no matter what you should always end up buying samples to apply to your house.  Click on the pictures to be taken to our Visualizer web page.

Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer Color Snap
Sherwin Williams Color Snap
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