Wood Deck Repairs And Staining

Keep Up With Your Deck For Life Long Usage

When it comes to wood deck repairs and staining Home Pros can you    save you money! We do this by offering you options and working within your budget. You will find working with Home Pros on your deck will benefit you in several ways.


Benefit #1  You have the flexibility to either make repairs or reconstruct the entire deck.  Perhaps your railings are loose or your stair treads are cracked. No need to do more than necessary.  We won't scare you into doing more work that needed.


Benefit #2 We always offer options related to the materials. The replacement wood can be pressure treated pine or cedar.  Balusters can be made of wood or aluminum. Whenever possible you receive options that will work best with your budget. 


Benefit #3  A damaged deck is a safety hazard so getting fixed as soon as you are ready to do the work is a must.  We strive to start projects within 1-3 days from acceptance.  You won't need to wait around for weeks for like many of our competitors make their customers wait. 

A damaged deck that can't be enjoyed is just a safety hazard and waste of money. 


Get that deck fixed once and for all with the help of Home Pros.  Start enjoying that deck without the worries of someone getting hurt or the shame of the looks.


Save yourself the stress and contact Home Pros Painting And Home Repairs today   (210) 910-6222. 


Wood Deck Services We Offer


Extend the life of your deck by protecting it from the harsh elements of our Texas weather.  If you have ever seen split rail caps or warped balusters it's probably due to lack of protection. By applying a good quality stain or sealer on a regular basis you can extend the life of your deck many years making the investment worth every penny.  In addition stain enhances the beauty of the wood increasing value and curb appeal. Find out today how much it would cost to protect your deck by booking a free estimate.

Frequently asked questions

Do you design and install new decks?

We do NOT install decks from scratch. This would require designers to provide mockups on some kind of software and we just aren't at that level of service yet. We can re-construct a deck down to the joists:

  • replace deck flooring
  • replace deck rails
  • replace stair rails
  • replace stair treads
  • replace risers
  • replace balusters
Most decks do not need to be totally torn down and re-constructed. Most just need specific repairs due to wood rot or splintered or cracked wood.

Is a permit required to install or repair a deck?

Per the Development Services Department of San Antonio: If your proposed deck meets all four criteria listed below you are not requird to obtain a building permit:

  • the deck does not exceed 200sf
  • the deck is not more than 30 inches above grade at any point
  • the deck is not attached to the dwelling
  • the deck does not serve the exit door f the dwelling
Here is a link to the actual source DSD.

What kind of stains are best for wood decks?

Exterior stains usually come as follows:

  • clear
  • transparent (with a hint of color)
  • semi-transparent
  • solid color
Stains and sealers help prolong the life of decks by keeping the UV rays from damaging the wood. Between the UV rays, rain, hail, cold, and heat, decks take a beating and slowly start to turn brown or black in color. Eventually they dry out enough where they the wood will crack and eventually fall apart. Clear stains and sealers don't add any color to decks and their primary function is to repel water from penetrating the wood. Transparent stains have a hint of color so you get protection and nice looks. These allow the grain of wood to show. Semi-transparent stains provide more protection than the previous two because the stain itself has some particles that help fill in pores in the wood. Solid colr stains provide the most protection and tend to last longer than all of the other mentioned above. They also provide an even finish--not as blotchy. The more solid the stain the less you will have to re-apply in the future.

Can you stain a brand new deck?

Brand new pressure treated decks must dry out for 60 days prior to applying any kind of stain or sealer. The wood has preservatives that will not allow the stain or sealer from penetrating the wood and thus will cause premature peeling. Brand new cedar or kiln dried wood does not have any kind of preservative so those can be stained immediately. They do need to be power washed to get dirt off of them but after that they are ready to be stained.

How long does stain last on a deck?

You can expect to re-apply:

  • clear sealer --every 2 years
  • transparents--every 2-3 years
  • semi-transparents--every 2-4 years
  • solid color--every 5 years
Keep in mind that if you have a lot of foot traffic that will cause the stain to wear out faster. If you have furniture on a deck, the contact points where the legs touch the deck will wear out the stain faster. If you have trees and the leaves fall on your deck you have to keep an eye on wet leaves causing nasty blotches on your deck. If you deck is in a shady area it may hard time drying out . This will cause moss, algae, and other things to grow on your deck. Typically you will see green, black, or other discoloations as a result.

The following are typical steps that are followed during a wood deck repair project



Purchase, pickup, and delivery of needed materials.
• Removal of all damaged wood.
• Protect all necessary areas with drop cloths.
• Installation of new materials per homeowner's choice.
• Power wash prior to applying stain or sealer.
• Apply stain or sealer.
• All debris picked up and discarded off-site
• Due to conditions that may not be observable at the time of evaluation, additional repairs/costs may become necessary.

Customer will be notified at time of discovery if any such conditions later become apparent and will be required to sign an Additional Work Order for said repairs.

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