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Three questions marks why home pros painting

Highly Trusted
Painting Contractor

We Have Happy Customers

Our reputation speaks for itself . With a 5-star rating on Google and 5-star rating with the Better Business Bureau, we must be doing something right.

One-Stop Shop

Just about every painting project ends up involving other repairs--i.e. wood rot.  When you hire us, you only deal with one company for all your repairs.

We offer "the" best warranties in the area.  Why would anyone settle for anything less than a 5 year exterior  or 2 year interior warranty!

Veteran Owned

Hire us not because we served in the military but rather that we know how to get things done in a timely, orderly fashion, with high expectations of the results.

If you’d like pricing information about our company, get in touch today.

Not A Franchise

We are "truly" a local business with no franchise obligations. We are free to serve the metro area and bound by no rules dictated from some corporate office.

Quick Service

Painters like fish, begin to smell after 3 days.  Our goal is to get your home taken care of as soon as feasibly possible without compromising quality. We can do this by dedicating a crew to your project.  No jumping around.

We Check Our Work

We may be highly rated but we ae not perfect.  This is why we offer a free courtesy visit 1 year after your exterior painting project is completed.  Peace of mind you can expect with our company.

No Down Payments

No need to plunk down a deposit or down payment when you hire our company.  Trust us to finish project and we trust that you will pay upon completion.

Thank You For Taking The Time To Check Us Out, Now Book Your Estimate

picture if teal bathroom


Local Not A Franchise

Franchises are moving into the San Antonio area more frequently.  Different owners are running different territories under the same name in the city. Franchises are unfortunately top heavy, with a portion of your dollars going to corporate fat cats elsewhere. Less money is available for workers, since corporate investment is used for fancy vehicles, TV advertising, and management salaries. 


No Cherry Picking Reviews

It is extremely common to see companies add actual reviews and testimonials on their websites. To no surprise they're always great over-the-top reviews. You never see a less than stellar review. Lets be honest and agree that's a bit unrealistic unless they have very  few reviews. 


We choose not to follow that practice because we believe that most consumers are savvy enough to realize no company can be that perfect.  We provide you a link to live Google reviews so you can see for yourself what our customers are saying about our company. Click here to be taken to our Google review and see for yourself.

No Fluff Claims

Frequently companies use fluff phrases to tout their greatness.  Here are some of the most common phrases floating around: "the best in the business," "above and beyond your expectations," "superior quality," " extraordinary experience." Exactly what does all that mean? By the time you read the same phrases from different companies they all start to sound the same. How are you to distinguish one from another?

No Generic Pricing

We have come across a couple of companies that price their painting jobs by the size of the house. You will see a generic price for a small, medium, or large home. How do you define small, medium, or large??  Besides generic pricing there's those companies that do a quick walk around the home and throw a number out without ever breaking out a tape measure.


We invest resources (time, money, personnel) to ensure you get a detailed fixed price quote. Our estimators will measure, photograph, and assess you project with precision so you know right upfront all costs associated with your project.

picture of brick house painted white


Maintain Communication

From the day you contact Home Pros until the project is completed you will know exactly where your project stands.  Our administrative staff consists of a receptionist, two estimators, and owner.


When you call us, the phone call will be answered by either the receptionist or owner.  If you email us we have four different people monitoring emails so you will get a quick response.​

One Stop Shop

Home Pros provides interior and exterior painting services, wallpaper removal, popcorn ceiling removal, knockdown texture application, new fence installation, fence repairs, deck repairs, fence staining and sealing, deck staining and sealing. 


This means now you can just deal with one contractor for many of your home needs. Don' waste your time setting up multiple appointments when we can do it all for you. 

Great Warranties

Home Pros offers some of the best warranties in the area.  Our standard exterior painting project warranty is 5 years. Interior painting projects receive a 2 year warranty.  Deck and fence staining work has a 1 year warranty.


General carpentry work carries a 2 year warranty.  Keep in mind that we provide a 1 year courtesy visit on exterior projects so even as your warranty may be expiring we will review the work one last time. 

Courtesy Visit 

At Home Pros we are in the business creating relationships.  Our ultimate goal is for you to think of our company whenever the need arises for any of the services that we provide.  We want you to refer us to your friends, family, and neighbors.


By offering a 1 year courtesy check of all exterior projects we are giving you the peace of mind that we will be there for you even after the project is completed. Painting and home repairs are done by humans.  We all know that humans are not perfect but we will be there in case of any issues.

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