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Exterior of home with ladders leaning against, ready to paint

Carpenter Services

Carpentry & Wood Rot Services


Home in the middle of being re-sided, siding is removed at top arches exposing wrap underneath

Do you need some wood rot replaced??  Is your siding showing sign of swelling at the bottom edges??  Do you have holes in wood?  


At Home Pros Painting And Home Repairs we offer more than just painting services. 


If your home has wood rot, dry rot, splintered wood, holes in the siding, or any kind of damage we are the ones to call to get fixed ASAP.  Our paint crews are capable of not only painting your house but also taking care of any exterior wood damage.  


The cause of these issues is primarily wetness  that doesn't allow the substrate to dry out enough to maintain proper moisture levels. All materials have some level of moisture but when that level gets too high for too long then it attracts fungi which start the process of decaying the wood.  


Whether its fungi or wetness the bottom line is that it has to go.  It needs to be removed from the house so it doesn't spread and create bigger structural problems. 


The advantage of choosing Home Pros for your home repair is that you don't have to hire carpenters in addition to painters.   Since we handle both kind of services you don't have to go through the hassle of getting multiple quotes and making time for people to show up to your house to provide estimates. 


Let's face it getting your home repaired can be a big hassle and our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you. 

Standard Carpentry And Wood Rot Services We Perform

Carpentry And Wood Rot Repair Process


We know that repairing the exterior of your house is a huge deal. That's why you don't pay until the work is completed.


We have a proven record of performing good work. Click here to check out our Google Reviews.


We are a local company Veteran owned and run.  Your support stays in our community and not to some franchise corporation in another state.


We are licensed, insured, and aren't afraid to come visit our project a year later.  


We are so confident in our workmanship that we offer a 1 year standard warranty. 

3 workers on ladders replacing sheets of siding on a home
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