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Update Your Cabinets For Less Than It Costs To Replace

Rejuvenating your old cabinets is more affordable than replacing them with brand new ones. If have ever priced good quality cabinets you know that you could easily spend $8,000 and up. At Home Pros Painting we help to update those old brown or worn out cabinets with a fresh coat of paint professionally done so that they last for many years to come.  We can work with your budget by offering paint options without sacrificing quality. 


Ready for new looking cabinets without the expense of replacing them? Want to change up things with some bold colors?? Have you seen something on a home show or magazine that you want done in your own home?


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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to paint kitchen cabinets?

The cost to paint the exterior of a house depends on various factors:

  • square footage being painted
  • whether new paint is going over old paint or stain
  • paint grade being used
  • iare you painting only the exterior surfaces or also the interior
  • zip code of the house
  • warranty length
In the San Antonio area expect to pay anywhere from $7.00 to $14.00 per square feet of surface area being painted. If cabinets are stained (brown) the you will be on the $14.00 sf end of the spectrum. You can check for yourself by going to and eneter your information.

Is it better to spray or brush and roll when painting cabinets?

Spraying cabinets will always result in a smoother finish provided the painter knows what he is doing. There may be times when brushing and rolling mey be more feasible--especially when you have a tight budget and you want an updated look. There's less masking off labor when brushing and rolling so that will save you money. Another reason for brushing and rolling could be that there's already brush marks on the cabinets and its just not worth spending the extra money if it isn't that noticeable. Trying to sand away existing brush marks requires more labor which will add to the final pricing.

What are the best paints for painting kitchen cabinets?

We have found Sherwin Williams' Pro-Classic and Emerald Trim paints to be worth the investment. They dry relatively fast so they help shorten the painting process. In addition they don't smell as strong as the oil based paints. The big bonus is they don't yellow over the years. Benjamin Moore makes a product by the name of Advance which we have used with good results. There are a ton of paint brands out there that we don't use. This doesn't make them bad products. We tend to use what we know by experience works for our customers and warranty offering.

Is primer required when painting kitchen cabinets in a house?

Primer should be used on:

  • stained finish (brown)
  • when the existing paint is not sound
  • there are stain or marks that may bleed through
Think of primer as the glue that holds together the surface being painted and the new paint.

How long does it take to complete a kitchen cabinet paint project?

Most kitchen cabinet projects--no matter--how small take about 4-5 days. The reason for the length of the project is due to the process:

  • mask off area
  • remove doors and hardware
  • apply primer and sand afterwards
  • apply top coat
  • install hardware and doors
  • check for touchups
  • clean up
You have to complete one step before starting the next and at times this could mean waiting 1 or 2 days in between steps.


We know painting your cabinets is a huge deal. That's why you don't pay until the work is completed.


We have a proven record of performing good work. Make sure to check out our Google Reviews.


We are a local company Veteran owned and run.  Your support stays in our community and not to some franchise corporation in another state.


We are licensed, insured, and aren't afraid to come visit our project a year later.  


We are so confident in our workmanship that we offer a 2 year standard warranty. This is best in our area.

Save Money When You Paint More

Home Pros offers volume pricing when you paint more in the same house.  Besides specializing in painting kitchen cabinets we can also help you with updating other trim work in your home.  If it's made out of wood and its stained or painted we can update with new colors:


  • Fireplace mantles.

  • Built-in book cases.

  • Garage cabinets.

  • Laundry room cabinets.

  • Bathroom vanities.

  • Pantry doors.

  • Bench seats.

  • Mud rooms.

  • Wainscot wallboard.

  • Ceiling beams.


Stop thinking about updating those old cabinets and vanities and take some action.  At minimum get a free estimate from Home Pros Painting. We believe you will find that it's more affordable than you think. 


Call Home Pros Painting at (210) 910-6222 to learn more about the cabinet painting services we currently offer in the San Antonio area.