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Wood Fence Installations and Repairs in
San Antonio TX

Has your fence seen better days? Have a sagging gate? Is it just old?


You can expect your wood fence to last approximately 20 years--if your lucky.  If you luck has run out or your fence is just in bad shape-now is the time to get it fixed. Repairs will only get more expensive if you out it off.

Fence Installation SA.jpg

Privacy Fence Repairs

Maintain Your Fence For Longevity

Let's face it once you have a wood privacy fence on your property you are pretty much stuck with it. So if you have one you might as well make sure it's in good shape and well maintained so you can extend the life of it.  If you are thinking of getting one there's plenty of reasons to go ahead and do it.  Home Pros Painting And Home Repairs is your one stop shop for all of your wood fence needs. 


Benefit #1 

Good wood privacy fences provides security. One of the most common reasons cited by homeowners wanting privacy fences is to keep pets and children safely within the perimeter.  A good fence is also a big deterrent for keeping people out that should be kept out.


Benefit #2  

We all like our privacy and a fence does just that if installed properly. Whether you are having a backyard cookout or sun bathing, you don't want your nosy neighbors knowing your business.  You can also have a semi-private fence installed for a more pleasing look.


Benefit #3   

Nicely maintained wood privacy fences will definitely improve curb appeal. Maintaining means ensuring pickets are not broken or warped, posts aren't leaning, and color is maintained by regularly applying stain or sealer.  If selling your home an appraiser will either add or deduct value depending on its condition.

Closeup of new looking wooden privacy fence stained in light natural color


Picture-frame style of privacy fence with solid bottom and thin wooden spindles along top third


All fences typically available in pressure treated pine and cedar. 

Solid style privacy fence with 6 foot solid boards and no visibility


Most popular due to pricing and purpose--privacy and security.


We handle obtaining City fence permits on your behalf to make it convenient for you.​


The most common fence heights in San Antonio area 4ft, 5ft, and 6ft.

Shadow-box style picket fence with spaced pickets on each side off-set so it cannot be seen through easily


Most fence projects involving removal and installation take anywhere from 4-5 days.

Large double gate in wooden privacy fence


Gate sizes are 4ft , 6ft, and 8ft wide. The 8ft wide gates are made with 2ea 4ft sections. 


Older picture-frame style fence with a panel knocked out for replacement


Typically occurs when posts rot out at the ground level and eventually topple over with high winds.

Old picket fence with several missing pickets


Pickets are thin so they easily get damaged. They some times touch the ground which causes them to rot.

Old privacy fence with a side and post bowing inwards


Commonly get damaged from getting wet at the ground level and eventually rotting out. Some will warp as they dry out.

Old privacy fence with a gap haphazardly covered with plywood


Common issues tend to be warping or pulling away from the posts which then cause the panel to lean.

New privacy fence gate being built


The longer they are the more chance they will sag. They are opened and closed so hinges could eventually pull away.

Dug up posts laying down with exposed concrete footings


We find some with not enough concrete. Another issue is dirt around dries out too much creating gaps​.

  • How much does it cost to paint the exterior of a house?
    Please check out our 'How much will exterior painting cost' page for a detailed breakdown.
  • Is it better to spray or brush and roll when painting the exterior of a house ?
    Brushing and rolling is more physically demanding than spraying. Due to the roller possibly skipping after in use for a while, it requires 2 coats for an even looking finish. Have you ever tried rolling paint on an interior wall? Then you know that you have to go back and cover up that first pass to get an even finish. Spraying allows for a more even application which makes the job move faster. Following manufacturer instructions on sprayer tip sizes, the proper thickness of paint can be applied without any worries. If working with a painting company that knows their craft, either process will work just fine. Keep in mind that a reputable painting company will stand behind their workmanship with a lengthy warranty period. That's what you are really seeking--peace of mind that the paint job will last. Anything below 5 years may not be worth the investment.
  • How long should an exterior paint job last?
    It all depends on how much UV rays your house is exposed to and if you have proper water drainage. If you look at your house you will see that it fades unevenly. The back side may look worse than the front or vice-versa. You may also see around gutters serious discoloration and possibly wood rot. When selecting the grade of paint, it's important you select a grade that's going to hold up to the elements as long as possible. It may cost you a little more upfront but it will last longer on your house. Would you rather be painting every 5 years or every 8-10 years?
  • Is primer required to paint the exterior of a house?
    Primer should be used on: exposed bare wood when the existing paint is not sound metal siding or surfaces Think of primer as glue that bonds the surface being painted and the new paint.
  • How long does it take to complete an exterior house painting project?
    Most exterior paint projects, depending on the size of the house, take about 4 days to complete. If there's wood rot repairs involved you need to add another 1-2 days. During winter months the temperatures should be hovering at about 40 degres when the paint is being applied and up 3 hours afterwards. Most high quality paints today have an application rating of 35 degrees.
Stretch of wood privacy fence well stained with a clear transparent staining showing natural wood

Whether you want a wooden fence to protect your perimeter or to highlight your curb appeal, you have options. We offer varying fence heights and styles that will meet your needs. When you need beautiful yet cost-effective fencing options, count on Home Pros for quality custom fencing. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment.

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