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Learn the "WHY" before you "BUY"


Informed customers enhance the customer experience. Being knowledgeable about our products/services helps you make informed decisions, set realistic expectations, and ensures satisfaction. Familiarize yourself with our latest information to become an 'educated customer.


        Caulking For Exterior Painting

Many options--we only use the best

Caulking SA.jpg

Pressure Washing Exterior

What to expect out of pressure washing

Pressure Washing SA.jpg

Peeled Paint = Paint Voids

Paint voids or craters will be visible


Weathered Wood Does Exist

Split and cratered wood is impossible to fix

Weathered Wood SA.jpg

Nail Pops Will Occur

Nail pops are different than nail head

Nail Pops SA.jpg

Drywall Repairs Require Skills

Well done drywall repairs are difficult

Drywall Repairs SA.jpg

Painting Interior Trim 

Painting trim requires a lot of prep work

Interior Painting Trim.jpg

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Lots and lots of prep work for cabinets

Painting Cabinets SA.jpg

Popcorn Ceiling Removal 

A good job takes some time and patience

Popcorn Ceiling Removal SA.jpg

Painting Ceilings Require Masking

Painting ceilings require extensive masking

Painting Ceilings SA.jpg

One Coat or Two Coats

What's better?  One coat of paint or two coats?

One Coat VS Two SA.jpg

Dark Colors Fade Faster

The darker the paint, the faster the fade

Darker Color Faster Fade SA.jpg

White Paint Over Dark Colors

White color over dark require more paint

White Color Over Dark SA.jpg

Old Paint Drips and Runs 

Drips are hard to notice during painting

Exterior Paint Drips SA.jpg

No Such Thing as Spot Painting

You will always notice a spot paint project

No Touchups SA.jpg

Interior Nail Pops 

Nail pops are caused by house movement

Interior Nail Pops.jpg

Old Paint Runs Are Hard To Spot

Existing paint drips get caught after painting

Interior Paint Drips SA.jpg

Spot Painting Walls is Noticeable

You will always notice a spot paint project

Interior Spot Painting SA.jpg

Some Things We Move For Painting

We avoid moving certain things

Things We Move.jpg
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