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Introducing Emerald Rain Refresh Self Cleaning Paint

Sherwin Williams has taken paint technology to the next level with their latest offering named Emerald Rain Refresh. As their premium product it doesn't come cheap, however it's nice to be able to actually notice a difference between paints. If you like the best-of-the-best you can't get any better. You get everything else the other paints provide plus the self cleaning technology that sheds dirt upon water contact. For a durable, just-painted look that lasts, choose Emerald® Rain Refresh™ Exterior Acrylic Latex with Self-Cleaning Technology. An ultra-durable coating that not only looks great, it stays looking great, minimizing maintenance for homeowners.

Check out a short video of the paint in action. Emerald Rain Refresh

  • Formulated to be self-cleaning by shedding dirt upon rain or water contact

  • UV & weather protection

  • Durable performance

Emerald Rain Refresh

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