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Revamp Your Home's Curb Appeal: 9 Benefits of Painting Your House's Exterior

When you look at the exterior of your house, what do you see? Are there signs of wood rot? Is the paint peeling? If you are noticing these obvious signs of deterioration, then you know you "NEED" to get your house painted. It's not a "WANT" but an actual need. Failure to do so will just lead to further more expensive repairs.

What if all you notice is that the paint has started to fade to the point where it's noticeable? Surely this can wait. Well, during our many years of providing house painting services we have come to figure out that there's two types of customers.

One takes action after noticing their home has slowly fallen apart and finally gets motivated enough to get it fixed and painted.

The other, not seeing deterioration but rather fading paint, is motivated by emotional reason that are just as important for a peaceful state-of-mind.

There are various emotional reasons why someone might want to paint the exterior of their house, including the nine we have listed below:

  1. Desire for change: The person might feel a need for change and painting the exterior of their house might provide a way to satisfy that desire. The process of changing the color or style of their home's exterior can be a way of refreshing their environment and feeling like they're making progress.

  2. Sense of pride: The person might take pride in the appearance of their home and want it to look its best. Painting the exterior of the house can be a way of maintaining that pride and showing others that they care about their home.

  3. Creativity: Painting the exterior of a house can be a way for the person to express their creativity and individuality. They might choose unique colors or designs that reflect their personality or sense of style.

  4. Renewal: The person might be going through a significant life change, such as a divorce, retirement, or new job, and painting their house can be a way of starting fresh and renewing their outlook on life.

  5. Emotional attachment: The person might have emotional attachments to their home, such as fond memories of growing up there or a strong connection to the community. Painting the exterior of the house can be a way of honoring those emotional attachments and expressing their feelings towards their home.

  6. Increase curb appeal: One of the most common reasons homeowners paint the exterior of their house is to increase its curb appeal. A fresh coat of paint can make the house look more attractive, modern, and well-maintained, which can boost its overall value and appeal to potential buyers.

  7. Keep up with the neighbors: Some homeowners may feel pressure to keep up with the latest home exterior trends or to match the style of their neighbors' homes. Painting the exterior of their house can be a way of meeting these expectations and staying current with the latest trends.

  8. Personal taste: Some homeowners may simply want to change the color or style of their home's exterior to better reflect their personal taste or sense of style. This could be because they've grown tired of the current color, or they've found a new color or design they love.

  9. Boost self-esteem: Finally, some homeowners may paint their home's exterior for vanity reasons simply because they want to feel good about their home and its appearance. A fresh coat of paint can be a way of boosting self-esteem and feeling proud of their home.

After reading this article you should feel completely comfortable knowing that you have good reasons to paint a house that's just fading. You shouldn't wait until it's starts to fall apart. That will only cost you a lot more in the long run. Painting your home every 8-10 years is a very smart thing to do that will make your life just that much stress-free.

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